Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review Of Candy Crush Secrets Guide

Hello my dear gamer's welcome back to "Candy Crush Secrets" ! It's the review of mysterious secrets of Candy Crush game! Yesterday we talked about lot of stuffs about candy crush game which are developed by King and one of gross sellers about millions of downloads on smartphone in both operating systems such as Android and iOS.

What's this Candy Crush Secrets Guide? What's inside of them and who revealed this secret and limited to books. It's perfectly founded by a guy probably you could check it out here . Well It'll show you how to get more lives and combination attack faster. maybe you're the one last guy who reading this post but it'll help you to enhance your score and you could surpass your friend score indeed without no doubts.

One thing you must know before you download Candy Crush Secrets guide? Actually what's it? I said you earlier people's are addicted to this game so if they lose number of hearts 5 they will not patience and buy those lives again for penny. Probably they don't have patience at all to recover to gain those hearts again!! When you download this guide it'll help you to prevent of buying anything unless this guide only. Even you don't need to buy special candies or hammers or any extra moves. Game is settled with number of moves correctly for each levels, There is lot of moves for each levels and also the lack of moves to other levels. You should focusing on big explosion candies anyway! i knew you'll learn it some how on this guide.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Candy Crush Secrets Guide

Candy crush is a one of most addictive puzzle game for iOS and Android users. If you really like to beat your friends this is the time you must want to take look at in to here.

Game was released on April 12, 2012 for giant social network "Facebook" after that it came to smartphone in November 2012. It was developed by King and it's has passed farmville and most powerful social network games as well.

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Candy Crush Secrets : Best Guide Ever!!!

Candy Crush is all about surpassing your friends level and also the score that he or she submits. People buying hammers and lives to surpass their friends score. 

Levels - There is lot of levels to complete even it takes more than a year to complete. But gamer focusing on score and combination attacks. combination attacks are very powerful. 

Lives - Lives also known as "hearts" you'll get maximum number of hearts are 5. if you keep failing on levels you'll lose number of lives. After you keep failing number of hearts 5 in other words you will wait about 25 minutes to regain those lives back to alive. Some people buying those lives if they continuously failed number of 5 hearts (lives). 

Special Candies - When you combined 4 or 5 same candies you'll get some awesome candy. It'll explode certain area. 

If you want to beat your competitors score you must check it out here or else download out Candy Crush Secrets guide. 

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